A file manager that doesn't get in your way.

Fed up with Finder? Exasperated with Explorer? Filure is a modern file manager for the desktop that works with, rather than against you.

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A clean, minimal interface showing your file system the way it really is.

Multiple tiling panes

View multiple locations at the same time for task-based work. Name and save layouts that fit your workflow. Say goodbye to multiple unruly windows.

Immediate access

Have the folders you need at your fingertips directly on startup. No more repeated browsing around.

Complete keyboard control

All operations are accessible from the keyboard and all shortcuts are reassignable. Never reach for the mouse to create a new folder again.

Full undo

All file system operations are fully undoable and redoable.

Fully themable

Choose the look and feel you're most comfortable with. Or make your own.


Works the same across MacOS and Windows.

Everything in its right place

Filure takes the pain out of keeping your files organised through supporting your workflow and adapting to your needs.

By adhering to the following guiding principles, it brings file management into the modern era.

Simplicity No tabs. No trees. No cruft. No surprises. Usability Smartly remembers your preferences but does not dictate how you work.Honesty Does not hide or obscure things in the name of user friendliness.

Coming soon

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